When I despair - let’s talk about veg!

There is this weird phenomenon in mediumship & Spiritualism, that the further you delve into it, the more exposed you are to seeing many around you taking lumps out of each other. What was once exciting, spiritually satisfying and full of hope to help others, turns in to a spiritual blood bath of passive aggressive goading, back biting, attempts to discredit

and petty insecurities, playing out on social media mostly. How sad that all is!

However, there is hope and as we move into March and the growing season in the northern hemisphere, I’m deeply grateful for the social media communities who grow plants, food and excitedly share their tips, techniques, successes and the plants that we failed. We share photos of mud, weeds, worms and the fruits of our labours.

We might not all be high flyers, jet setters or even trained alongside the greatest green fingered gurus the last 50 years has known. We are however, committed to helping each other, cheering each other on and sharing everything we can to help another fellow human in need. We never criticise nor stab anyone in the back. There is an amazing network of seed sharing across the globe and nothing is more exciting than receiving a lovingly wrapped packet of home produced seeds from someone else’s harvest and in return sending your own out into the world. The excitement of planting something that was tended and grown in another person’s lovingly tended patch of dirt is special. It’s generous and unconditional and dare I say it.... yes in the spirit of how things should be.

I need that balance in life. I need the worms, the dirt, the veg, but I need that lovely community that is always positive and supportive. I hope we all find it and nurture it as the seed with infinite potential.

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