Time To Brush Up Online!

Like many others, the online world has opened up the opportunities to work with and teach throughout the world. More than ever, we will see a huge rise in this way of working, due to the travel restrictions and self isolations.

There are great YouTube video tutorials for Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meetings etc that are so helpful and will show how you can make this work well. Knowing you can now share handouts, use group chat rooms etc is a game changer from the old days of a grainy Skype screen. Heck I can even filter out my wrinkles on Zoom! In fact so many people tell me I look really well on Zoom and don’t realise I’m using a youthful appearance filter! I love that on Zoom and Skype and other platforms, the whole session can be recorded.

If you are the student and wary of online classes, the free video tutorials are a must too.

Don’t forget that to make the experience as professional as possible, good lighting, a decent upload speed of internet (6Mbps or above is fine ) a decent

microphone (especially if recording) make a huge difference.

Nothing can truly substitute the in person , class experience. However, don’t despair as online is getting pretty close now.

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