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Updated: Jan 8

Over the years I conducted many spiritual assessments and each one was unique and a pleasure to be a part of. Learning about them was the hardest part. There was no set formula and it appeared as if with some basic principles, you just had to knuckle down and hope it all worked out well for your sitter.

As a result, I decided it was time to write a book about conducting spiritual assessments. The time was right as now so many psychics are 'locked down' and unable to travel, their work has increased online. Of course many spiritual assessments are conducted in person, but it works equally well online.

It was time to take a deeper look into what these assessments were about. Of course they were an experience and it is humbling to be a part of someone's spiritual journey for a short while. How to explain them and describe why and how they can help, was another matter.

Looking back at some of the assessments I was involved in, it became clear that there were some themes that were commonplace and worthy of further exploration.

A guide book without rules is no easy feat to write, so I added my thoughts and experiences, to the practical aspect of the book. What follows is a guide on spiritual assessments from a personal and a professional perspective.

My hope is that anyone who reads it will enjoy the personal experiences and consolidate their own work with the multitude of avenues open to our spiritual progress.

Thank you to all who inspired me. The link to the book and downloads is by clicking the picture. Helen x

Also now available on Amazon Kindle here

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