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Updated: Feb 8

It has been a momentous week for many of us in the field's of spiritual development. First, I thank all of you who bought my new book and I will add a link at the end if you are interested to buy it on Amazon Kindle. However, the extensive discussions this week have centred around the new Netflix documentary 'Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife.' Based on the research of journalist - Leslie Kean. Many of us excitedly watched the six hour long episodes. As a result, several contacted me for my thoughts and I have enjoyed the conversations exploring all the themes the documentary offered. For me it was a significant experience to see a couple of dear friends and colleagues, working again and just being themselves - inspiring, fun, talented, true to their beliefs, knowledge and experience. It filled me with the warmth of friendship and some very happy memories of our times together. Even a former student or two were included, and what joy to see them again looking so well and still dedicated to learning. I found the most stimulating conversations from the documentary this week, related to the episodes on near-death experiences (NDE's), visions of those who are terminally ill, and reincarnation. These subjects were covered well and putting aside any notions of whether or not we believe in their spiritual validity, genuine people had these experiences and their stories were beautifully explored. I'm not here to judge or critique, of course, I merely write about what I find interesting. I know that the book that Leslie Kean wrote will offer even further insights and I'm excited to read it in its original format. I am sure there is much that could not be included in the documentary, and I don't want to miss a thing! The primary focus of my discussions was the subject of reincarnation. We all have our thoughts and some have first-hand experiences that shape their beliefs. There is also much research and theory offered by various sources. Again, if it was your experience, it was definitely your 'real' and I believe that. On a personal level, I have heard several reincarnation experiences from those who experienced them, and the evidence is compelling. Whilst some try to explain it away as imagination, knowledge gained before birth, or a story from a spirit guide, they offer no evidence that any of this is possible, let alone probable. Yet, the reality and verifiable facts that the 'reincarnated' offer is frequently superior to any evidence a medium offers of an afterlife. Surely, we could argue that if a spirit guide or spiritual knowledge before birth can be so accurate and also verifiable, any information a medium has validated, may not prove they are communicating directly with the deceased? They could merely receive information from that naughty spirit guide who also implants stories of another life in unsuspecting babies! Sounds crazy? Some theories are of course, and we must always question everything. In my experience as a medium, I feel sure that when I engaged in spirit communication; it was genuinely the spirit of a much loved person who lived before. I felt it; we validated it, and their presence was with us in that moment. I know consciousness is eternal and we are all a part of that force which is never destroyed. Could I have been wrong? Not in my experience, but others could have reason to form a counterargument, based on anecdotal explanations disputing reincarnation. The quality of information for those who experienced reincarnation is not just verifiable in the documented cases, but its accuracy has a breadth and depth that mental mediumship rarely reaches. For this reason alone, we must explore, question and reject the judgements made to discredit the experiences of many children. There is every reason to believe that there are many spiritual truths, methods and paths. Capturing the evidence of reincarnation in small children is a race against time. We rarely remember anything before the age of 4 as we learn to fit into society, family, belief, education and find a place in the world. Before I finish, I must also mention how well the documentary showed the effects of grief on people and their quest to know their loved ones had not gone forever. It was poignant, raw and for all on the path of mediumship, a vital aspect which reminded us all how mediumship should never be a performance. I for one thank and applaud Leslie Kean for her book, the documentary makers and look forward to reading more of her work in print. I will add the links to several interesting books below. Im starting my own new book soon and this one will focus on all the interesting, profound and downright strange experiences throughout my mediumship. I'd better make a start before my memory fades.

Surviving Death - A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife By leslie Kean

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