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I’ve been waiting for the long awaited inspiration to create Trance Enchantments part 4. It has been a few years since part 3 was released. Many have asked will there be a 4, but it’s always been a question of when the inspiration and knowledge was there at the right time. That happened a few weeks ago, but I’m rather fussy about sound recording. I have my own recording studio set up and that’s great! I love the technology, but the acoustics weren’t right for

me ( I told you I was fussy ). However, after waiting and waiting my secret weapon finally arrived - a professional broadcasting microphone, with a specific pattern to avoid picking up a hollow room sound! I could soundproof the whole room of course, but that’s very expensive and not a current option. Now my new gadget is here and tested, the fun will begins to create. I never work from a script when recording. I actually talk and go through the process simultaneously. That way, I can be sure if it works. So it’s a happy weekend recording and creating something that has been a long time on the back burner. If you are reading this, I wish you a great weekend.

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